Market Roles and Positions

Board Positions

The Board of Directors will consist of four elected officers and three board members at large. The following officers are to be elected annually:


The Market President will call and preside over meetings, appoint and oversee committees, set agendas, be the official representative of the Market, and perform duties in the interest of the Market.


The Vice President will revise, maintain and enforce the Vendor and Market Guidelines and perform duties of the President in her/his absence.


The Market Secretary will keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings, a record of attendance at all meetings, send a written notice to all the members at least five days prior to each meeting unless published in the local Newspaper, attend to all correspondence of the Market, and perform any duties for the Market assigned by the Board of Directors. All ratified amendments to the Maple Valley Farmers’ Market governing documents must be recorded by the Secretary and incorporated into both the minutes and the governing documents. The date of the revision should be stated in both documents.


The Market Treasurer will collect and hold all Market money in bank accounts and pay all bills consistent with the By-Laws. The Treasurer will keep complete financial records and present a report to the President and committee members the second meeting of each month. The Treasurer will present the books and a detailed year-end report for a final financial review to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting in October. The Treasurer and is responsible for preparing the preliminary budget for the upcoming year.

Market Employees

The Market will establish paid staff positions at the discretion of the Board of Directors, which may include but are not limited to the following roles. Any Market member in good standing may submit an application to the Board of Directors for consideration for any role.


Market Managers report to the Board of Directors. Market Managers work on Market day to direct vendors, assist customers, facilitate compliance with health and safety regulations, and when necessary, interpret and implement Market rules and policies at the Market site. Market Managers will, at their earliest opportunity, advise the Board of Directors of any issues arising to the oversight of the vendors and/or operational issues of the Market place. Market Managers will fill out any incident reports, as necessary and follow through to resolution.


The Music Director reports to the Board of Directors. The Music Director recruits and schedules entertainment for the Market season, and coordinates promotion of Market entertainment as appropriate with the Board, Webmaster and other staff. On Market day, the Music Director sets up equipment, and guides entertainment during set up.


The Equipment Manager reports to the Board of Directors. The Equipment Manager oversees the inventory of Market equipment and assets, including scheduling or performing maintenance and repair, and storage of Market equipment. The Equipment Manager will make regular reports to the Board, including equipment status, repair expenses and replacement recommendations.


The Bookkeeper reports to the Board of Directors. The Bookkeeper manages receipt of booth and equipment rental fees, issues payroll, manages permits and other recurring expenses, and makes all required tax calculations and filings. The Bookkeeper transmits financial information as needed to the Treasurer for monthly reporting.


The Webmaster reports to the Board of Directors. The Webmaster is responsible for update and maintenance of the Maple Valley Farmers Market website, including vendor and sponsor information, program and entertainment information, and other online marketing activities at the direction of the Board. 


Student Liaisons report to the Board of Directors. Student Liaisons coordinate and schedule Tahoma High School students volunteer community service hours, and work on Market day to ensure attendance and suitable participation. The Student Liaisons also recruit their future replacement candidates for the following Market season.


Market Helpers report to Market Student Liaisons. Market Helpers work on Market day to help set up the Market and distribute and set up Market rental equipment.